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Die Fledermaus

Johann Strauss II

David Gately

Robert Moody

Set Designer

R.Keith Brumley

Lighting Designer

Barry Steele


Des Moines Metro Opera

Indianola, IA


Hair & Makeup:
Brittany Crinson


 " an effervescent mounting by David Gately, framed with Gatsby-era settings and flapper-chic couture from designers R. Keith Brumley and Jonathan Knipscher."

Mark Thomas Ketterson / OPERA NEWS

James Sohre / OPERA TODAY

"Jonathan Knipscher’s apt costumes not only helped define the characters (and their station in society), but also filled the stage with dazzling color. Having seen the profusion of period flapper party attire in Act Two, I am not sure there are any beaded, sequined dresses left in all of a tri-state area! Mr. Knipscher has outdone his own admirable record with this richly diverse costume design."


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